Tuesday, August 24, 2010

type homework for 8.25.10

grid: a guide, aid, tool that designers use to solve both visual and organizational problems in communicating a coherent message

Designers use a grid to organize and lay out tons of information in a short amount of time. It allows multiple designers to work together while maintaining the precise guidelines.

margins: negative spaces between the content of the page and the edge, surrounding the images and type
columns: vertical lines that create horizontal dividers between margins
grid modules: rows and columns of individual units of space
flow lines: lines that break up space into horizontal bands
gutter: area on a spread where type and images could be interrupted

hierarchy: the order of importance of the information based on the style, size, color, rhythm and layout of the type and image
typographic color:  differences in weight, texture or value, and rhythm of type that aid in establishing hierarchy

To achieve a clear hierarchy, designers maintain organization in the spacial distinctions (grouping, shifting items)

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