Wednesday, September 29, 2010

homework for 9-29

-old style…classification based on the types of fonts that are friendly 1.low contrast with diagonal stress 2. bracketed serifs 3. short x-height (Garamond, Bembo, Caslon, Jenson, Palatino)

-transitional…1. greater contrast of thick and thin strokes 2. wider than old style 3. uneven concave serifs (Apollo Std, Olympian Std, ITC Bookman, Gazette Std, Janson Text)

-modern… also knows as diode 1. hairline sarifs 2. no horizontal stress 3. no influence of handwriting (Bodoni, Bauer Bodoni, Walbaum

-slab serif…hallmark of the egyptian types 1.abrupt serif of the same thickness as main stroke 2. round characters have vertical axis 3. thin, flat and bracketed serifs (baskerville and perpetual, manicotti, city, lucida fax)

-sans serif…letterforms without serifs (humanist or grotesque) 1. straightforward 2.geometric 3. similar weight cross strokes (Futura, fruitier, )

-script…based on handwriting technique 1. 2. 3. (Brush Script, Florens, Freestyle script, Giddyup, Palace Script)

-blackletter…script style of calligraphy 1. vertical, curved and angled,broad-nibbed pen strokes 2.letters formed by sharp, straight, angular lines 3. ascenders are vertical and often end in (Fraktur, old english, rotunda, schwabacher, texture)sharp finals.

-grunge… aged and distressed 1. serif and sans serif 2. added graphics 3. (Ariana, Babalon, Bighead (™), cawing, doomsday)

-monospaced…all letterforms are same width 1. the usually wider letters like m & w are the same width as I 2. non-proportional 3. (Courier, Prestige Elite, Fixedsys, and Monaco)


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  2. Hi there! I am majoring in communications @ pratt and doing a paper on licko. love your blog! you are doing such a great job! i have one too for random school stuff