Wednesday, May 11, 2011


After a year in the graphics program most people are probably analyzing the large amounts of work done or time spend or tears shed.  I could do the same (because we all know it happens), but the important thing taken from such a difficult year is more than that. 

The reason I went into the graphics program was to learn how to design stuff that people want to look at, pick up, touch.  I was not expecting that to have happened only during the first year.  The projects that are coming out of this program (mine AND everyone else's) have improved so much that its almost unbelievable.  

A year ago, I would look through the blogs and portfolio sites of older graphics kids and get nervous because I had no clue how to accomplish the amount of work they were doing, especially with such talent! They had clean, readable, interesting and "grown up" work.  I feel that now I have an eye for good design and typography (it will still take tons of work to make my work "good design").  But I can now, gratefully, say that with all that pushing from our professors and a lot of competitive motivation, I am proud of this first year.  I am extremely thankful to have finished this year in the well-rounded, well-led graphics program but I more appreciative of the changes I have gone through to get it.   

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