Monday, March 7, 2011

Jonathan Harris: Cold + Bold

Let's get personal here. If any of you are thinking about reliant we are on the digital world in our choice of careers, you should watch this.  Seriously! 

I am sort of a pessimist when it comes to hoping for a long life full of social interaction, love, family health and all that jazz.  Mostly because I understand and am totally willing to spend the rest of my life focused on a computer screen.  But hearing Jonathan's story really made a memorable mark on this theory.  

I am not involved in the intense amount of coding that he was so my case is a little better.  But i still enjoyed hearing that others are worried about and have the same problems coping with the rest of the world, the non-designers.  This speech by no means made me hopeful for a normal sense of social well-being, instead he made me realize something very important...

When I get to those frequent points of frustration with my work (whether it is the work itself or the lack of human interaction due to my design) to step back and watch. think, really think about who is around me, what they are doing, why they are there, why I am there.  

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