Monday, February 28, 2011

Bruce Mau Design

Wow... Reading Bruce's advice really did loosen up some of those knots that I have been tangled up in when it comes do design.  So... here are the bits and pieces that I am going to focus on in the months to come.

I know and understand that studying and being fully immersed in design is necessary for growth, but I have not been practicing that.  Since I do have such desire and passion for what I do, I really need to show it through how much I study, look up artists and designers, search for new ideas, check daily blogs.. that kinda thing.

 ok I get it... designers are always going. We rarely sleep and that is because we have a strange ability to disregard our health and well being because of our need to finish/perfect things.  I definitely follow this to the point of near insanity... and it drives me crazy!  So what do I do about it? read on.
this is it! I have been taking an idea, a very small one, and putting it straight into execution mode.  What if I step back and THINK about it? What if I, for 5 minutes, deeply wrap my mind around that idea and come up with a more vivd solution? yes... that might be it. I will work on this.

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