Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Journal 12: Mossimo Vignelli

a quick bit of after effects play... dont mind the horrible sizing issues just yet.. all the type will get prettier with time.

This is the first tiny clip from JFK's speech in west berlin.  The rest is as follows, “All free men, wherever they may be, are citizens of Berlin.  And therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words, ich bin ein Berliner.” Which roughly translates to “I am a jelly donut.”
Journal #11: Debbie Millman with Mossimo Vignelli

Mossimo is a sweet old guy, who has been on the forefront of graphic design since his prime.  What I found to be most interesting was the fact that of all this time, he defines meaningless design as “anything which is not pertinent to a situation.” He does agree that decoration could be good, if we did it the right way.  His example is that most designers, or the uneducated/experienced ones, decorate by addition.  Instead we should achieve decoration by subtraction. By making the most out of the least amount of “design”.

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