Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Research and Exploration of Type in Motion

So... if you just search “type in motion” you get a whole slew of amateur motion graphics projects or maybe experiments.  I began flipping through noticing so many things that could have been done better or even a lot of “ah HA moments” when I saw new techniques and such.

When watching a motion graphic, especially a typography based one, the sounds/music makes a world of difference.  I watched each one twice, first on mute, then with sound.  The first times you get caught up in trying to read the words, and miss characteristic elements that define the context.  You also lack the ability to use unusual compositional elements with the type (like strange juxtapositions, scale and color) when you dont have sound to back it up.

I know these dont technically count as typographic... because there is not type in it anywhere... but these commercials were great! I love the rhyme and the way the image moves together with the sound. It flows well together, and the content is just great! and guess what?



There are so many times here where the transitions are so smooth you dont even realize you are looking at a milk tsunami one second, then it turns into a womens bright red hair.  another of the elements that impressed me was the timing... the way that the shot is slowed down or sped up to expose something just a tad bit longer.. its just great.

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