Monday, January 31, 2011

designers you need to know

Saul Bass (May 8, 1920 – April 25, 1996) was on of the fathers of American graphic design along with Paul Rand and Bradbury Thompson. He is best known for his design on animated motion picture title sequences.

The Ghost in the Underblows, Alfred Young Fischer Some of 
his most inventive branding projects were formed from overtly 
simple marks made into logos, and eventually, brands.

Alexander Girard (May 24, 1907 – 1993) was a textile designer born in NYC and raised in Florence, Italy.  I found the work he did for the Eames to more interesting than some of his graphics.  

The Ghost in the Underblows, Alfred Young Fischer I can picture this 
fabric covering a small, decorative pillow or something cute like that

Alvin Lustig (1915-1955) American graphic designer and typeface designer.  He was highly influenced by Swiss designer Jan Tschichold. 

The Ghost in the Underblows, Alfred Young Fischer

Alan Fletcher (27 September 1931 – 21 September 2006) British graphic designer.  One of his most famous legacies is the visual identity for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. 

1999 version of the American Art Book... of which I own the four most
recent editions. I'm sure it was a huge honor to get this commission

Alex Steinweiss (March 24, 1917) Born in NYC.  He is responsible for the design of packaging for music of all kinds. He was the original art director for Columbia Records in 1939.

Ray and Charles Eames (the power couple of the century) American designers leading the way to modern furniture design and architecture. 

Though the Eames did not design this ad, I appreciate the way
the designer chose to portray their work. This is a good example
of a way to visually describe a personality of an architect.

Maira Kalman (1949) American born artists, author and designer.  She is a successful business women still as she works for authors and companies and doing promotional work for herself. 

Maira's spin on a popular poster from
world war II.  Still a recognizable 
image even though she painted it

Steven Heller (1950) American author, critic, journalist and editor who specializes in topics related to modern graphic design.  His list of accomplishments is overflowing with books, articles, talks and designs.  

a cover of a book co-written by heller

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