Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Homework: Semiotics

1. Definitions

SIGN: (one of the basic building blocks for creating meaning) a visual representation formed by a societies that make them

a music note to indicate the sound made by an instrument 

INDEX: non-arbitrary relationship that exists between two meanings

smoke = fire

SYMBOL: an object or image with obvious meaning

a hand shake as a greeting

2. "This Means That: A Users Guide to Semiotics" by Sean Hall
A quite intriguing read in comparison to most articles on the design process.  I felt more aware of the necessity for signs and symbols when trying to communicate a message (which is what we do as designers, right?).  Most of all, I appreciated the useful examples and easy-to-read layout of the article.  

3. What makes a good book jacket?
Well according to John Gall a successful book cover, "conveys the essence of the book in a unique and surprising way that maybe pushes the design envelope a bit"


These covers share a feeling, an emotion of sorts, that will more than likely be evoked within the book.  This is a good thing! Even better, they do not completely give away anything. The audience is still guessing a little bit about what lies inside.


The designs of these are too designed... yes, that is a thing! They are too forceful in trying to jump off the shelf at the consumer. This is not just a personal style opinion, even though i am thoroughly disgusted with the unicorn tiles. They are all just too busy to be powerful enough for me to pick up.

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