Monday, January 31, 2011

design firms you need to know

CSA Design (
founders of Mr. French paper company

Hatch Design San Francisco, CA (
"the best design is honest, hands on and human."

Michael Austin wine series designed by the people at Hatch

160 over 90 Philadelphia, PA (
"doing it and doing it and doing it well"

An area of the office where team collaboration breaks loose.

A visual identity designed for the City of Boston.

Pentagram London, New York, Austin and Berlin (
The worlds largest independent design consultancy

most recent branding for the Museum of Modern Art.

Werner Design Werks St. Paul, MN (

personal favorite. i love the web design and type treatment here

Hey! this is the laundry detergent I use at home.  Just
goes to show... good design is everywhere!!!!

Willoughby Design Kansas City, MO (
"uncovering insights to help clients connect with their audiences at every touchpoint"

The people at Willoughby created a Brand Dictionary... 
AIGA's A to Z language about branding

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