Sunday, February 13, 2011

audience personas for The Buddha of Suburbia

Amy is a freshman at the University of Virginia majoring in journalism.   She is currently living in a dorm room alone because her roommate has recently moved back home to attend cosmotology school.  Amy spends most nights listening to country music (mostly Taylor Swift) while reading for her upper-level english class.
Her favorite books include Jane Eyre, Sarah Plain and Tall and other more feminine novels.  Her initial intentions were to go to school to be and English Literature professor.  Then she joiner her high school yearbook staff and decided to take that route instead.

She eats mostly organic foods and wears only clothing made in the United States; the only exception is when she is running low on cash.  She works at a used book store where she reads more than she actually works.  Her favorite part of the job is the three-legged cat that roams the store to greet customers. Most of her friends consider this a perfect example of her appreciation for the quarky and uncommon.  

Marshall just graduated with honors from Grinnell and moved to New York to begin a career in the fast paced work of finance.  He has been so consumed by getting a good education and winning his cross country races that he has yet to consider finding a girlfriend/wife.  He finds himself feeling lonely most nights and hasnt mustered up the  courage to put himself out there.  His parents and most of his co-workers assume he is homosexual.  He finds this hard to believe although he has never had a romantic relationship.  
He shops at small boutiques and shops in the wealthier areas of town.  His outfits are all based on images he found in Men’s Health. He listens to the music his parents always had on as a child, mostly bands like Pink Floyd and The Beatles. 

Freida is a 23 year old mother originally from Mumbai but currently stationed in Texas.  Her family moved the United States when she was a little girl to avoid the trying financial times. She has many american friends who appreciate and understand her eccentric cultural background and uplifting personality.  But when she is alone at home while her husband, Waleed, is at work at the hospital, she finds herself questioning her indian heritage.

Her days consist of caring for her 14 month old girl, preparing traditional Indian meals, cleaning the apartment and watching a few soap operas. Freida’s closet is full of her mother and grandmother’s tunics and head dress in beautiful colors and patterns.

She dreams of someday going back to India to travel the country at her own accord. Yet, she is perfectly accustomed to the american lifestyle.

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