Sunday, February 13, 2011

Good old Dieter Rams... and not so old Don Norman

don norman (design and emotion)
1. beatuy
2. function
3. reflective

Don spoke about the good design... not only pretty stuff or convinient things, but honestly good design.  Design as if it were intended to fulfill all 10 of Dieter Rams’ principles.  From what he percieved from Rams’ studies, Norman took a twist on that information by exploring the emotional connotations of design.  As listed above, good design should make you feel good... feel the beauty, the functionality (that it is doing something that makes you happy) and that it can reflect the feeling back. 

If I were to ask Don Norman a question, it would probably invovle the reflective aspect of good design. I am not quite sure as to what he means by that. Maybe something like, “Don, if a product should reflect good design, what does it look like for a product to reflect BAD design?”

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